Bear Hair Care Oil

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1 of the first uses of Bear Grease centuries ago was its use for the Hair. 

Bear grease is still used today and with a little change by Bear Naked Wonders by adding some coconut scent it is now a much more pleasant product.  

Note from Nancy with Bear Naked Wonders:

I started using the Bear grease on my hair in the thinning areas.  It was about 20-30 days later that I started to notice new baby hairs coming in.  
I use it by heating the jar up in a cup of hot water and then placing a teaspoon amount in my hands.  Gently massage into scalp for a few minutes then onto hair itself.  You can leave on for 3 hours or overnight if you wish.  I use the product about once every 2-3 weeks and my hair has grown longer in my 50s than it ever did in 20 years prior.  It has worked amazing.  Leaves my hair fuller, smoother and so shiny.  It definitely encourages regrowth in thinning areas without any surgery or chemicals.  It also works well for dry brittle hair. 

A mix of 100% Pure Bear Grease, Shea Oil, and Our Unique Scent smells great, is smooth and silky to the touch.

89ml / 3 oz.